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 Standard Donorship discussion

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PostSubject: Standard Donorship discussion   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:20 am

Before reading this, read this.

Right, so here is the discussion and suggestion topic for the second level of donorship: Standard donorship.
Standard donorship is given to people who have donated $10-19.

Donor map 2: Undecided.
Donor map 2's content: small-ish map with non-aggro level 70-100 monsters.
Note: Aggro means it attacks on sight.
(Suggest if you have any ideas?)

#dnpc - Basic donorship doesn't allow remote access to the donor NPC. Standard does however.
#online (now for all channels)
#gmonline - Says how many GMs are online, and on what channels.
Others? PLEASE suggest more commands! I can't come up with them all by my self!

Steam (and Skype): Zairuen
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Standard Donorship discussion

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